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The BEST Dry Shampoos // You’re Gunna LUV

Hey loves

Are you enjoying your summer?! Cabin life, pool days, camping trips, ice cream runs ahhhhh the best.

It can get hectic.

Which is why we rely HEAVILY on dry shampoo.

I also really hate wasting money. There are SO many different kinds of dry shampoos and I’m here to tell you which ones to buy and which ones to skip, aka not wasted money aka more ice cream.

The BEST Dry Shampoos

Okay so things you need to keep in mind.

1 // Does it work?
2 // Does it smell good?
3 // Does it give you major volume?

x Gosh Dry Shampoo

This was my very first dry shampoo and I fell head over heels. It is SO GOOD. My go-to. If I’m in a pinch I’ll run to Shoppers and grab this one forsure. Plus it smells unreal. >> GOSH Fresh Up! 

x BB prêt-à-powder

NEW FAV ESPECIALLY FOR TRAVELLING. Okay one time I was travelling with my Gosh Dry Shampoo and the lady at security threw the entire thing out. Aerosols. UGH. It was so sad. BUT then I found the BB prêt-à-powder and all my fears of travelling sans dry shampoo fell to the wayside. It is INSANELY good. Works like a charm every time. >> BB prêt-à-powder

x Tresemmé Fresh Start

I bought this one to try for a hot second. It’s pretty good. It smells lovely and gets the job done but without too much volume. So if you already have super thick hair I would try this one or the BB prêt-a-powder. Both great choices. >> Tresemmé Fresh Start

x Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo

I <3 BATISTE XXL. OMG the volume you get from this one is out of control amazing. I absolutely LOVE it. Up do’s will NOT fall flat with this one. You can actually score it at Shoppers OR Winners!!! I see them there ALL the time. >> Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo

x Cake Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo

Tried this one and it was pretty good. The smell is great but not the same volume you get with GOSH or Batiste XXL. Also I love the can it’s pink & so chic. I don’t know if that makes it a must have dry shampoo but I love it. >> Cake Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo

x Dove Dry Shampoo

IT SMELLS FREAKING INSANE. If you’re looking for not a ton of volume but one that smells out of this world good then get this. Plus it’s super budget friendly. I’m not kidding sometimes I won’t even need to use dry shampoo and spray my hair with it just cause I love the smell that much. >> Dove Dry Shampoo

Okay kids, now roll out of bed, grab some dry shampoo & enjoy that summer time fun. 

Much love.


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xxoo Drea Marie

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No Fail Teeth Whitening Tricks

Yoyoyo how are we this weekend?!
Did you get your whitest white wardrobe? I’ve been loving mine.
Speaking of white, we’re gunna continue with last weeks theme and talk alllllll about my teeth whitening tricks.

Okay honestly, my teeth are white. Like WHITE white.
Part of me doesn’t know why & part of me thinks it’s just the exact same routine I’ve been used to doing for the last 12 years.




Prepare yourself.

x Okay FIRST. Crest Whitestrips.
So I did the entire 14 day twice a day ordeal like in grade 10. Nowadays they have wayyyyy quicker treatments {7 day, 3 days etc.}
The craziest part is that I did it ONCE. In grade 10. And I saw incredible results. I’m totally OCD so I really stuck to the regime without missing a day.
Now the trick I made up is when I remove the strip, I don’t rinse. Immediately I start brushing my teeth with whitening toothpaste. Just a little.

THEN I rinse.

A few years later, probably when I discovered black coffee and red wine, I did another treatment, the 7 day one. And I had bright pearly whites once again.

x NOW, maintenance is KEY. I can’t stress that enough. It’s how they stay so white.

So I brush ATLEAST twice a day, morning and night with OpticWhite toothpaste. The red tube.
Next I floss & finish off with the purple Listerine mouthwash.

x Newest obsession? The Phillips SONICARE.
OHHHHH my goodness. Seriously I can’t live without it. I got mine at Costco for $169 and it comes with TWO. Not just one. Plus a UV light sterilizing brush holder and two charging ports.
It feels like you just went to the dentist for a full cleaning.




Okay but I have a question for you.
Have you used charcoal toothpaste?
I’ve heard it brightens & whitens like CRAZY. And all natural.
PUHLEEZE leave a comment below if you’ve tried it out and love it or hate it. 

Thanks QT.

Chat later 🤘🏻



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xxoo Drea Marie

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Obsessing Over Summer Whites

There are few things I love more then the color white.
Seriously. White orchids, white nails, white + bright Instagram feeds, white bedding and of course white head-to-toe outfits.

Oh yeah I know it’s totally impractical but it’s SO CHIC. Crisp, bright, fresh summer whites are something I live for.
K also WHITE SNEAKERS, are a must. I’m in LOVE with mine. Plus, if they get dirty just pop them into the wash with a touch of bleach and you’re good to go again.
Leather? 1 word, protectant.

Not convinced? Okay well you ALSO don’t need to spend a ton on all white. Honestly.

I’ve compiled my FAV budget friendly all white outfit pieces so you too can frolic around all summer long in your super chic all white attire, without a worry in the world.


Summer Whites 


Summer Whites // spark{le}

Now go out and get your all white outfit NOW. Summer is the PERFECT time and do NOT worry about looking “bigger” in white. I know this saying is out there but that does not mean it’s true. LIVE IT UP!
Plus if you’re super worried about it {#dontbe} then just seek out one of the all white flowy rompers. Or pair your outfit with a light white kimono overtop.

NOTE: All of the white pieces featured in my header photo are from H&M. No joke. SO inexpensive but perfect. ****


PS Laptop still on life support. Send good vibes.  



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xxoo Drea Marie

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Why Maxi Dresses are the Bee’s Knees

Hey girl hey

How’s everyone today? Wait can we start off with me apologizing for this short snapper today. My laptop had a mild panic attack and so I’m writing off my iPhone…. Yes iPhone. So everyone bear with me.. Ça va?

K today’s menu includes MAXI DRESSES 😻.

Who loves them? Who wants to love them?

You’re at the right place. I have found the most FAB maxi dresses today.

Now there are a few tips that I use when picking/wearing a maxi dress:

x ALWAYS make sure the length is ideal. No tripping. Either get it hemmed or sometimes if I’m in a rush I just knot the bottom at the side so it hangs just grazing the floor. 

x Don’t go TOOOOO loose. Yes the beauty of maxi dresses is that you can eat an entire cow & still look fabulous. But if it’s not fitting either at the hips or in the chest/arms you may get lost in it.

x Prints, solids, whatever it may be, do it. I don’t care if you’re short and want a pattern or 9 feet tall and want a solid. Do it. I don’t think it’s going to make or break your outfit. 


Alright let’s check out the goods, finally.


Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses // spark{le}


Are you loving that velvet one? Or the striped?! Omg the green silk… K you guys I want them all! So get crackin’. Summer is the PERFECT time to dress up in a saucy maxi and so easy to wear.
Ciao for now Bella. 


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xxoo Drea Marie

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