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Kaylor Betts and TNP Fitness. Let’s Get It Girl.

Good Morning Beautiful! How are we this am? Feeling mighty fine I hope! One thing I’ve been avoiding is summer coming to an end. I mean, I’m not totally complaining because PSL {pumpkin spice latté} season is among us, which is totally awesome. Chic sweaters and cozy scarves are a couple of my favourite things. ESPECIALLY right now. Who else is feeling…


Babe Cave

Good Morning doll! Looking mighty fine, must be that coconut oil :) Today I am going to be sharing some décor with you. *woop!* I’ve always had a soft spot for interior design. I LOVE wandering around home furnishing stores and picking out my fav items. Finally, after spending 23 years under my parents {gorgeous} roof, it was time to spread my…


My Girl Ro, The BBCAN2 Contestant

Morning sunshine! I know you all were itching during the week to see what I had up my sleeve for today’s post. WELL, you’re in luck. This MAY be my favourite yet. And it’s because I get to feature my best friend Rachelle Diamond, The Big Brother Canada 2 Contestant. Who doesn’t love a caring, witty, totally over the top stunner?…


Kale Chicken Salad

All hail the mighty Kale. This cabbage related leafy green is packing some major heat in the nutrient department. Per calorie, it is one of the most nutrient dense foods out there. It is high in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, magnesium AND fibre. It is a great anti-oxidant as well, which is important for all you babes keeping up with…