READ IT IN 3 minutesHow many of you have went out and bought whitening trays from a dentist before? Cue Smile Brilliant. Remember when I shared about my teeth whitening tricks?  I was still using that same set up. I even had laser whitening at a dental office, which was amazing but it is another appointment to set up and go to regularly. When the opportunity to try at home whitening TRAYS came up, I immediately jumped at it. I’ve had a few friends who have used whitening trays from a dentist office and swear by it, but it can be really pricey. Smile Brilliant is WAYY more affordable while still providing the same, if not better, results. I also wanted to try something that I could do AT […]

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Is the silicone sponge the new beautyblender?! This could save us A TON. Find out my honest thoughts on this new product.

READ IT IN 1 minuteOkay but actually is the silicone sponge the new Beautyblender? I would LOOVVVEEE for there to be a new improved Beautyblender, only because of the price. I LOVE my Beautyblender so this will be a tough competition. Check out what I think. <br /> ♡ PRODUCTS ♡ SILICONE BLENDER – http://amzn.to/2grNfk9 BEAUTYBLENDER – http://bit.ly/2gPF9Pb IT COSMETICS CC CREAM – http://seph.me/2x4PFIh THE ORDINARY COVERAGE FOUNDATION – http://bit.ly/2fOfPrM ♡ OUTFIT DEETZ ♡ NECKLACES by Club Manhattan T SHIRT from Aritzia BRALETTE from Nordstrom RINGS from Nordstrom and Garage Clothing PLZ Subscribe!!!! That way you’ll be notified when I post a new vid! Also comment below any questions or products you love! + have you tried the silicone blender/silisponge?!?! what did you think? xxoo Drea Marie

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READ IT IN 2 minutesYou don’t need to go out and spend money on all new makeup products for the fall. Use my super easy tips to revamp your makeup routine this fall season!!! <br /> I’ve timestamped each tip here: ♡ TIPS ♡ #1 LIPS 0:36 MIN #2 EYES 5:54 MIN #3 BLUSH 6:46 MIN #4 FRAGRANCE 7:25 MIN #5 SKIN 7:55 MIN ♡ PRODUCTS ♡ BLANKETY by MAC — http://bit.ly/2ybr0VX HONEYCOMB by BITE BEAUTY — http://seph.me/2xuZGOt FAUX by MAC — http://bit.ly/2zapba5 SULTRY SABLE by REVLON — http://bit.ly/2ySz9vC NUDE liner by REVLON — http://bit.ly/2zaeaW2 NUDE liner by MARCELLE — http://bit.ly/2xsW7gH BEURRE liner by MAC — http://bit.ly/2gp94h5 BIG & BARE by LIP FUSION — http://bit.ly/2yCNtMA GLOSSY PRUNE by SOTHY’S PARIS sold out but here is an alternative — http://seph.me/2gpOInA […]

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Drea is sharing all about Boobyball 2017 and Rethink Breast Cancer. We're discussing what to wear to this coveted fundraiser!

READ IT IN 2 minutesOH heyyyy girl Storing those 90s mom jeans? Bust ’em out. Boobyball is bringing the 90s back and it’s going to be BANGIN’. Remember last years post alllll about Boobyball? Well, it’s that time of year again. Tickets are STILL available for TORONTO, CALGARY, VANCOUVER, OTTAWA and HALIFAX. Super speedy history lesson to get everyone caught up. Boobyball launched in 2002 by a crew of super amazing women in support of their friend Sarah O’Regan who was diagnosed with an insanely aggressive form of breast cancer at just 23 YEARS OF AGE. Now here we are today, 16 years later and going strong. Boobyball is the most coveting breast cancer awareness fundraising event for young supporters.  Since starting, Boobyball has raised $4.2 MILLION DOLLARS for Rethink […]

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