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How To: Water Orchids. With Ice.

OMG okay so Mother’s Day is coming up REALLY fast and flowers are probably THE thing to get any Mom. It’s spring, moms like flowers, PLUS they are a quick + easy gift if you’ve been running around and {oops} totally forgot to buy a gift :| 
… it happens.

However, flowers can be high maintenance, ESPECIALLY ORCHIDS #diva.
If you’re a mom yourself or gifting orchids this year, you’re going to love this tip.

To help orchids last weeks on weeks on weeks, I’m talking a record orchid age here, don’t water them… just place 3 ice cubes in the pot near the root ONCE A WEEK.

This way, the orchid can absorb the water very slowly. Just how it likes. Also, the exact same amount of water is given every week, once a week.


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water-orchids2 water-orchids1


They suuuuure can be little divas but boy are they pretty. 

Make sure you check out my Mother’s Day Gift Guide!! You still have time ;)

See you Saturday.

xxoo Drea Marie

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Okay wait.
Mother’s Day is next weekend and we need to get our mama’s something fab cause uhmm they TOTALLY deserve it!
SO I’ve had the best time putting together this collage with my picks for this years Mother’s Day gift guide.
x The Oribe Texturizing Spray is soooo good and smells even BETTER. 
x Sleep Tight by Farmacy is a pretty new brand at Sephora. It’s cultivated by upstate New York farmers and loaded with natural irritant-free anti-oxidants.
x Cozy robes, slippers and blankies are necessary. A reminder for mom to relax and unwind.
x NARS velvet lip gloss is SO easy for busy moms and the Orgasm blush is flattering on pretty much every skin tone.
x Splurging? Furla bags are so chic and sophisticated. She’ll love it.
x Coffee mug. NEED.
x Flowers!!!! Pick up some pink, pretty and bright buds for her day.
Mother’s Day Gift Guide
Mother's Day Gift Guide // spark{le}

xxoo Drea Marie

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Bikini Body Guide 2.0

That’s okay dont panic. DON’T. PANIC.
Have I ever told you I’m a panicky person? Well now you know. OKAY, focus Drea. IT’S BIKINI BODY GUIDE TIME :|

“Totttttessss should be hardcore dieting & working out by now but guess what I’m not and yolo.”
This is the contradicting motto I live by daily.. anyone else? But hey, we still have liiiiike a month and a half-ish {lucky us Canadians} so let’s not go into a full blown panic attack and just eat healthy. That sounds good right? Slowwwwly put down the cayenne lemonade gorgeous, we don’t need it.

Bikini Body Guide 2.0

*Note: Toss the scale. Seriously. Toss it.*

 Track It.

First off, let’s get our calculators out. Click here and input your age, gender, height, weight, activity level and goal.
It’ll give you your daily total caloric intake broken down into carbs, protein and fat {the 3 types of macro-nutrients that make up food}. Next, click 4 meals and normal protein. When you start lifting heavier, increase the protein to high protein.

Now boys & girls meet ‘My Fitness Pal’. I use this damn app EVERY day {have I told you I’m OCD????}.

x Download the app
x Create an account
x Click MORE and then click on GOALS.
x Enter those  macro calculations.
The app will calculate your projected number of calories for you to achieve your goal weight in an acceptable amount of time.
Oh PS, add me! EwanishanA



Just freaking move. I don’t care if you’re running, walking, galloping, twerking or lunging your way down the street just get moving. I promise you, that walk will soon be quicker and may even turn into a jog. The more you move = the more you burn & the more amazing you feel.
Aim for 5 workouts a week but if anything just make sure you’re active for atleast 30 minutes a day.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!! If you need a day off, take one. Walk outside or do some light stretches. Too much stress can increase cortisol levels in the body making it hard to lose weight.

If you’re wanting a bit more I HIGHLY recommend The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide, Tone It Up’s Bikini Body Series & lastly, A Bikini A Day’s Workout Challenge with SELF Magazine.

All of these girls have unreal bods and their programs are SO reasonable. Twenty minutes a day? I’m sure I can squeeze that in between my Real Houswives epi’s. 

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It’s an over used mantra that is entirely correct. LEAN protein, CLEAN unprocessed foods & GREEN veggies. Here is my clean eating plan that I explained last year but seriously still stick to:


  • Breakfast

    • Try a quinoa oatmeal with berries and chia seeds to fuel yourself in the morning
    • On the weekend whip up egg whites and turkey bacon
    • Protein Pancakes for Sundays are essential ;)
  • Lunch

    • If you’re gunna have carbs, have them at lunch. Earlier in the day gives your body time to use up those nutrients throughout the day.
    • Whole wheat turkey wrap is a great choice.
    • Sushi? Opt for brown rice and no mayo. Also start eating sashimi with soya sauce and ginger {trust me}.
  • Snack

    • Fruit. Apples, berries, oranges, whatever you want.
    • PB on Caramel Rice Cake {keep the PB thin, add some banana on top}
    • Okay, confession. I love Jello Snack Packs when I need a little pick me up…. #secret
    • A handful of Goldfish. 3 Cheese style. If you’re dying for chips chow down on these little critters instead.
  • Dinner

    • Now is the time to keep it lean, green and carb-less {if you can}.
    • Salad and protein all da way. Get it in ya.
    • Water, water, water, water, water.


To kick start your bikini body program I suggest my Let’s Cleanse guide. ALSO, if you’re on the run and have to eat at a fast food retarurant, DON’T PANIC. Check out my Babe Friendly Fast Food post. 

Scope out my ‘Health’ + ‘Recipes’  sections for tons of recipes.


Weeks 1-4: Hit the gym and fuel yourself
Week 5: Slowly decrease your caloric intake
Week 6-11: Pump up the cardio and lower the weight

GUYS, pop over to last years Bikini Body Guide here for even more detailed explanation plus tips + tricks to achieve your bikini bod goals. It’s so good.


xxoo Drea Marie

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Winter Rehab by skyn ICELAND


Hey gorg
K so I’m loving ANOTHER Xmas gift I was given and I have to share.

Winter Rehab Kit by skyn ICELAND


Talk about a Wintervention.
Where are my Canadian girls at? What about those with exceptionally dry skin…*sigh*, I’m right there with you all. I combat combination skin and let me tell you when it’s dry, IT IS DRY. Talk about diva.

So when my super awesome parents gifted me this kit I was ecstatic. For one, it’s all in one. One kit has everything you need. I LOVE THAT. SKINCARE COMPANIES MAKE US MORE KITS!

Anyways, the glacier face wash is fab you only need a tiny bit and it foams up like crazy which is awesome. The Arctic Elixir feels so good on my skin it’s like a big gulp of water+electrolytes for my face. Then the Cloud Cream is buttery smooth. Lastly, the Icelandic eye pen tightens and firms my under eyes. If you need an extra eye boost on those mornings after a late night or before a date the hydro cool firming eye gels are unnnnnnnreal. I pop them into the freezer then use them and it’s like the best thing ever.

Talk about a rescue team…. this combo absolutely fights my winter stressed-dry-chapped-irritated skin. I finish off with this Rose Salve on my lips that I SWEAR BY {legit gift it to my friends cause we all need it}.


{ I get mine from Bath & Body Works; photo from same }IMG_3951


winter-rehab-by-skyn6 winter-rehab-by-skyn5



winter-rehab-by-skyn4 winter-rehab-by-skyn3 winter-rehab-by-skyn2  


Make sure to check out skyn ICELAND here & find a retailer nearby.

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xxoo Drea Marie

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Styling: Moschino Couture

What’s up sweet thing?
Not much? Well you’re looking AWFULLLYYY cute today anywayzz ;)
Speaking of looking cute, I just HAD to share this button Moschino Couture cardigan I was given at Xmas. I haven’t shared a ton of photos with it but legit one of my fav obsession confessions. 

Now lots of people might think a clothing piece like this is difficult to wear and kinda move on from it. BUT in fact, it’s the easiest ever. Kind of like how jumpsuits, rompers and dresses are. They’re stylish outfits all in one. So DON’T RUN AWAY FROM TRENDY CLOTHING PIECES. No, I don’t have matching Moschino Couture pants, that would be completely obnoxious. BUT, all I have to do is pair this sweater with neutral, plain pants + a tank top & I’m done. That’s it. The cardigan makes a statement all on it’s own.

PLUS done up, the buttons completely blend in creating an optical illusion that I’m wearing a pullover/jumper.


So here it is.


moschino-couture moschino-couture-1


So AKA If you’re worried about how to style a super trendy or expressive piece of clothing just pair it with plain, neutrals and you’ll be fine!!

This applies to any type of flashy/trendy pieces you may have. So go ahead and own it.

Check back on Wednesday cause I have more things I want to rave about, as per usual. 

Enjoy your weekend babe.

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xxoo Drea Marie

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