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Valentine’s Day Guide

Babes! It’s time for my Valentine’s Day Guide!

Valentines Day Guide2

Looks like it’s that time of year again, filled with love, happiness and chocolate, three of my favourite things. 
OKAY I’m going to completely admit that I actually DON’T obsess over gifts for Valentine’s Day.. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m completely strange. Honestly though, as long as I’m spending time with someone I truly care about I’m happy. So I’m totally into dinner at a new restaurant or a mini get away to the mountains for a champagne filled night. 

HAVING SAID THAT, I would never turn a gift down… {AHEMMM SWEETHEART, HI}

OH LOOK, a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide filled with my latest OBSESSIONS.. how convenient.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Valentines Day Gift Guide


I’m loving everything in this collage. Where do I even start.. 
x Those stud rock earrings?! SO CUTE
x Voluspa Candles are everything. They are my favorite candles ever.
x Lalicious body cream feels unreal and smells even better. If at all possible.
x A little Valentines Day body oil never hurt anyone. I hope. 
x Calvin Klein Pink underwear set // Need.
x Prada Candy Set is my go to for sure. It smells so pretty and sweet.
x Apple Watch in Rose Gold. For those big spenders out there, this is necessary. 
x Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera. I’ve heard great things and IT IS SO CUTE.
x BaubleBar choker is so chic and right on trend.
x Frends x BaubleBar Headphone set. These are insane. 
x K THAT MUG. I mean come on!!! Lovelovelove
x The Lip Slip by Sara Happ…. OKAY I cannot talk about this stuff enough. It’s an instant lip repair. The best lip chap I’ve ever used and I’m addicted. I bought the lip crayons which create the perfect kissable pout. Totally understated and irresistable. I can’t get enough.
sara happ lip crayons


Okay next, bake “The Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.” 
This recipe mends broken hearts and wins over even the toughest critics. Shape them into hearts for a super cute Vday twist.

chocolate chip cookie


Buy yourself some of the goodies in my collage. Seriously.



LASTLY, I have a couple more ideas. Club W is giving $26 Off 4 or More Bottles!!
BaubleBar New Customers Get 20% Off Your First Purchase!
AND OFCOURSE NORDY’s…. Make sure you shop their Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her.


Valentines Day Guide

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xxoo Drea Marie

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Latest Greatest Makeup


It’s me here just playing with and obsessing over the latest greatest makeup products from my last Sephora haul….. which I ordered from my bed and Sephora shipped them right to my door. Yeah, the only way I shop at Sephora AKA Luxury.

I just have to share.

favorite makeup2


x Boscia Light BB Cream Coverage is medium, buildable and super light/airy. I love it.

x Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black   My first time with gel liner and I’m addicted. ‘nough said.

x Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown  STAPLE in my brow regime

x Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water – Easiest, fastest freshest primer out there. Best.

x Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara in Black – My lashes look fake thanks to this little secret.

x Urban Decay All-Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray – I’ve been using this for years now and I’m pretty sure I will still be using it when I’m 100. 

x Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gel in Pin up Pink – LOVE. AND glossy lips are TOTES in this season. BTW stay tuned for my 2016 makeup trends guide.


favorite makeup


Ciao Bella 



xxoo Drea Marie

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How to Style a Cape & Love It

Hey guys. How was your week?! More importantly how’s your Saturday? Hopefully fabulous.

AND I’m about to make it even more fabulous.
We’re discussing CAPES today.

Have you seen capes studded throughout the streets lately? If you haven’t you’re going to right away.

Sometimes trends can be worn on the runway but hells NO in real life. However, with this trend, it’s entirely cape-able {Ha..ha..}.

Okay let’s get to the goods.

How to Wear a Cape:

*cuz duh, we’re superheros*

SOOO, first things first.. don’t be scared. No you’re not going to look weird and capes are not ponchos.

There’s something regal about wearing a jacket over your shoulders. I mean seriously, check out Gigi…. #DIVA:


{photo: here}

With CAPES, they take the awkward shoulder balancing out of the equation. It’s structured and fitted to hang perfectly. I am dying over the chic black Armani tuxedo cape below. And that pink cape dress!? So cute.

For those of you sporty girls, check that white summer cape romper and also the navy button cape vest. Lovelovelove!
If you’re unsure and don’t wanna splurge, H&M has one for $99. It’s perfect.

Lastly, omg the white cape, black bralette and white pants… Does it get any better?

All in all, find the perfect staple cape for everything. Do a neutral, maybe white or black. But if you wanna step it up, a cape dress is show stopping.

How to Style It:

+ Thrown over jeans and a t-shirt racing to the kids soccer game.

+ Heading into a meeting over a pencil skirt and collared button down.

+ With a bralette/crop top and pants for martinis and dancing.

+ Paired with silky pants and a clutch for dinner out.

+ With skinny jeans, scarf & sunnies while running errands.

+ Over a jumpsuit at a restaurant with the girls.


Also LOVEEEEE this white cape blazer from Lavish Alice.
{photo: ASOS }


So be like Gigi, you guys, and work it.

 {photo: here}
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xxoo Drea Marie

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Obsession Confession: Hangover Helper Tea

Hey you guys
Okay so just wanted to pop in and say whats up. Oh and also share with you my latest obsession.

OMG it’s so good. I’ve been drinking it 24/7. It’s the Hangover Helper tea from DAVIDsTEA….
FYI I’m not drinking it 24/7 cause I’m hungover, scouts honor. But it’s actually THAT tasty. You NEED to get some ASAP!!

Okay so it’s an Organic Maté tea.
Rooibos, maté, ginger, lemongrass, apple mint, lemon myrtle, guarana seeds, dandelion root.

Fruity, refreshing and oh so tasty for morning, afternoon or evening.

It’s a mouth full of appley, gingery and lemoney goodness. Easy on the tummy.. AKA It really is the perfect hangover helper too ;)



Click below for more info on their site:

xxoo Drea Marie

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Maca Oatmeal Muffins // A Recipe by Belle En Rouge

Hey babes!

Guess WHAT.
We have a special guest with us today. Kimberly from Belle En Rouge is here and talking all things MACA. She’s created a delicious Maca Oatmeal Muffin recipe for us and I cannot wait to try them out. Check it out.. and once you’re done, pop over to Belle En Rouge for my post on recipes + everything Chia Seeds.


Hey guys! I hope you’re starting off the week on a good note. I’m Kimberly from Belle En Rouge and I’ve partnered up with Drea to bring you this health & wellness recipe. When I first reached out to Drea, I knew that we would come up with something great for both of our readers because her posts are awesome. I mean, have you read her Vegan Oil-Free Pesto or her Paleo Banana Bread recipe ? If you haven’t definitely check it out.

A quick intro of myself is that I’m a full-time student, graduating in May (crossing my fingers) and blogging is a part-time job that I love. When I’m not blogging, I’m writing for online magazines and websites like GLDMNE and All Good Health. Recently, I’ve found true meaning and a path to zen with practicing yoga; I absolutely love setting up my mat. Fun fact: Drea and I talked about working on a yoga post, what do you guys think? Anywho, let’s get into my recipe.

Today, I’m bringing to you Maca Oatmeal Muffins:

maca oatmeal muffins

















Key Benefits:

Maca: rich in vitamin B, C, and E

increases libido

mood/ hormone balance

Oats:   lowers cholesteral levels

fulfills appetite

prevents heart disease and diabetes

Cinnamon: treats loss of appetite

reduces risk of heart attacks

lowers blood sugar levels





¼ cup maca powder

1 cup oats

1 cup coconut flakes unsweetened

2 tbs butter

2 tbs cinnamon

3 tbs honey


  1. Pre-heat oven to 350° F
  2. Mix all ingredients in a bowl
  3. Make small balls with hands or spoon
  4. Bake in oven for 30 minutes
  5. ENJOY!

If you would like a printable version, I’ve created one here –> [Maca Oatmeal Muffin Recipe].


maca oatmeal muffins

¼ cup maca powder

1 cup oats

1 cup coconut flakes unsweetened

2 tbs butter

2 tbs cinnamon

3 tbs honey


1.     Pre-heat oven to 350° F

2.     Mix all ingredients in a bowl

3.     Make small balls with hands or spoon

4.     Bake in oven for 30 minutes

5.     ENJOY!



If you enjoyed this recipe on MACA OATMEAL MUFFINS, then check out my article on All Good Health where I talk to you about a secret Quinoa drink nobody knows about. Shhh.

It was great being able to speak to you guys and I hope you try this recipe out. Make sure to tag me on Instagram or send me an email on Belle En Rouge.


Belle En Rouge

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Lampshading…. The IN Trend.

Lampshading: Super sexy, super fun and super in right now.

Everyone from Kourtney Kardashian to Kate Moss is working this trend like it’s their freakin’ job and I’m not mad about it.
If you haven’t already, you’ll be seeing lampshading all over.. especially once Spring hits.

For now, we’ve got how to not only wear, but absolutely slay while throwing serious shade.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Lampshading:

It’s pretty straight forward but a couple key points to remember:

// Wear a BROAD hemline. NOT tight. Something that will hang.

// Go for a thicker material {think dense cotton} rather then silk. Silk is just asking for a Marilyn Monroe moment, which we don’t need happening.

// Skip the v neck or plunge necklines. This trend is meant to be fun and fashionable with a sprinkle of sexy. Don’t over do it with a cleavage baring top.

// Cold out? Try sheer pantyhose/tights underneath.

// Keep it simple. Let the shade do the talking. No need for major accessorizing.

// I LUVVV the over-the-knee boots. I think it’s absolutely killer. But you can get away with a stiletto heel…. check out Kendall and Zendaya below.


Kendall Jenner


Kourtney Kardashian

Kylie Jenner


{photos from: PopSugar, here, here, here and here}

Lampshading Outfit Options


Lampshading by drea-e 

That’s all cuties. Chat later ;)

xxoo Drea Marie

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spark{le}Notes: ‘Making a Murderer’ // #NoFilter


Welcome to spark{le}Notes on ‘Making a Murderer’.
Let’s get real.

If you haven’t watched the ‘Making a Murderer’ series on Netflix yet then what the h$*# are you waiting for?!?! Also don’t read this post.
Read it as soon as you’re done.

This series is the biggest hit since Idon’tevenknowwhen. Everyone is getting into it. I basically consider Gigi Hadid and myself besties cause we both are tweeting over it. That’s got to mean something.

Today we’re gathering all the info and laying it out on the table to decide what the eff happened in Manitowoc, WI on Halloween night in 2005.

Pour yourself a glass and get your Tiffany’s pen + paper out partner.

The Documentary



After ten years in the making, ‘Making a Murderer’ has finally been released and so has complete chaos. It has sparked a domino effect on peoples trust in the legal system… Big time. I won’t get into too many details since we have all watched it, but for those of you rebels who still haven’t and my spoiler alert did not deter you… well here are the SUPER quick + dirty spark{le} notes.

Steven Avery {SA} was a small town joe living in Manitowoc, WI with his wife and fathering 5 children. In 1985 Penny Ann Beernsten {high profile member of the community} was raped and SA was wrongfully convicted of this crime… He continuously plead not guilty. After 18 {EIGHTEEN} years in prison, new DNA testing revealed SA actually didn’t do it….Oh boy. Yeah.. SO he was released in 2003 and it was super awkward + embarrassing for the Manitowoc County officials.

November 3, 2005 Teresa Halbach {TH} was reported missing. She was last noted to be at SA’s property on October 31, 2015 taking photos of a van for AutoTrader… :| SOOO a huge search party occurs over the course of a few days {Nov 5-8} and all of a sudden TH’s Rav4 is found on SA’s property and her bones are found in his burn pit. TWO days later the key to her Rav4 is found in SA’s bedroom with no other DNA on it but his.
Nov 15 SA is charged with the murder of TH. He is still adamant that he did’t do it.

IN MARCH 2006, SA’s nephew Brendan Dassey {BD} is brought in for questioning numerous times over the course of a few days. He confessed to some crazy stuff that he supposedly did with SA to TH and charged with raping, killing and mutilating TH’s corpse.

They are both found guilty. SA is sentenced to life in prison, no parole and BD is sentenced to life in prison with eligibility for parole in 2048…

I know. It sounds obvious when you read this timeline. But it isn’t. The majority of viewers believe SA is not guilty, nearly 500,000 signed a petition for SA to be set free and 130,000 even reached out to President Obama to pardon SA + BD…..

{check out this timeline I found too}

Against SA

The prosecutor + county sheriff have accused the two film makers of omitting important details in their investigation. We have to understand they had 10 YEARS of documentation to fit into a 10 hour Netflix series. Ofcourse some facts were left out because it is impossible to include them all. So here is the evidence against SA that you DIDN’T get….

// More DNA evidence.
Apparently SA’s DNA was under TH’s trunk {even though, before, the prosecution stated it was under the hood..}. It was from sweaty hands. Not blood. So their stance is that the cops clearly don’t have a vial of SA’s sweaty hands to plant that DNA and SA claimed to have never touched her car… {uhh k}

// TH’s stuff was on SA’s property.
Ken Kratz {KK} says TH’s phone and camera were found 20 ft from SA’s door.

// SA and TH knew eachother.
TH had been to SA’s house numerous times to photograph vehicles. SA kept asking for TH to come take the photos and TH was “creeped out” by SA. Apparently he answered the door in just a towel one time.

// On the day TH went missing..
SA called her 3 times, twice from a blocked number :|

// The gun.
KK says the bullet with TH’s DNA on it came from SA’s gun, which hung above his bed.

// Suspicious purchases.
SA bought leg irons and handcuffs {like the ones BD described} only 3 weeks before. He says they were to use with his GF at the time… who was in jail serving time for a DUI.

// Letter to Ex-Fiancee
Okay TMZ just released THIS AM that Steven Avery sent his ex-fiancee Jodi this letter. Pretty aggressive. Anyways, she claims that he also has tied her to a bed against her will and “uses fear as a weapon”.

The film makers spoke out and stated that prosecutor KK has no hard evidence to back up these claims and is twisting info.
{above points paraphrased from Pajiba.comTime.com}

For SA

+ Two jurors in the SA trial had relatives working for the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department….
One man had a son in the department and another had a wife in the office. The connections were known, however both prosecution and defence used up their allotted juror dismissals….

+ The Docu-series was Delayed.
There was a ton of pushback from the state before it was even released. The filmmakers actually had to hire their own lawyer when the state tried to supoena the footage…. They claim “it was a fishing expedition, and we really think it was an effort by the state to shut down our production”.

+ Moving of the Bones.
It was glossed over really quickly in the series but is so important. It was made clear that the burnt bones were moved.. WHY would SA burn the bones, gather them up and dump them in his own yard?! Another point is with burnt bones, unless there is still tissue attached, a proper DNA test won’t be done.

+  The Expert.
There was an expert from Canada with no connection to Manitowoc who testified that “to burn a body takes either extremely high heat, or a very long, sustained, moderate medium-high type of heat, and it would be very difficult to burn a body in an open pit — an open fire — particularly to the degree that these bone fragments showed. At a crematorium, for instance, they use extremely high heat, and it still takes several hours.” {RollingStone.com}

+ Deleted Voicemails.
Someone accessed TH’s voicemail and deleted voicemails several days after her disappearance. Even thought the defence may have had an idea of who did this, they were not allowed to point fingers or speculate during trial…

+The Gun.
Basically there was a bullet found but it was found to be from a .22 rifle, the most popular gun in the world. To say it was forsure FROM SA’s rifle is untrue. It was a similar bullet, but you can’t eliminate any other .22 rifle.

I almost spit my tea out when the needle hole in SA’s blood vial was found from the police evidence vault. OMG was everyone else freaking out?! Like that alone had me signing that damn petition {not actually}. I mean hello… that is so insane and I was disgusted to even speculate the officials had planted evidence {the key and blood}. #Sketchy.

Now I’m just throwing out ideas here but I read that SA had a vehicle crusher ON SITE that he used only days before being charged… so why wouldn’t he crush TH’s car and try to rid of it?! I mean clearly they would find the Rav4 during the search so…. I dunno. Just my own personal thoughts.

{above points paraphrased from Time.com and RollingStone.com}

Guilty or Not.

Based on the vocabulary used and intellect of the Avery family conveyed throughout the docu-series I am personally VERY skeptical about Brendan’s confession. His capacity to understand what is happening and what the detectives are asking about is that of a toddler.

Now we have to remember that this is a very SMALL town. Everyone is constantly in eachothers business. So constructing a FAIR trial was going to be an ambitious task on it’s own.

MY OWN POV: Whether he is guilty of the crimes or not, the prosecution did not convict him on fair or right terms.
Our legal system is in place to ensure people being sent to prison are sent to prison on hard evidence and not just speculation. I am not going to say he should be set free but I would agree with a re-trial, preferably with an out of state jury.

LASTLY I’ve saved a special treat for you. I found a Reddit feed started by a resident of Manitowoc and her view on everything. You guys have to read this. 


So, what do you think? I mean really. This whole thing has gotten me into a tizzy. I’m back and forth all the time. Comment below, on IG, Twitter or FB with any thoughts, comments or ideas.
Yeah? …… yeah. yeah.

xxoo Drea Marie

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